G. van Beek & Zn. Calf stable equipment

More and more calf farmers worldwide choose a calf stable of G. van Beek & Zn. A stable that forms the basis for efficient management and a healthy return. We design, produce and assemble stables for white veal calves and rosé veal calves. Discover the secret of our custom solutions!

After our start in 1977 we have grown into a leading international player. At the same time, we have always remained a family business that is close to you, the customer. We are big enough to realize projects on every scale. We have enough client commitment to respond to your personal wishes in a flexible manner. No matter if it concerns housing for 100 or for 1000 calves, one calf stall or more locations.

We comply with your wishes, as experts in calf stable equipment, but also as calf farmers. Because that’s what we are: the three generations of the Van Beek family have grown up among calves. Today you can still find us every day among the calves of our customers and in our innovative test stable Beekzicht. That leads to solutions that meet the needs of the calf farmer. A few characteristics:

An eye for efficiency

Daily practice is the starting point for the design. Thanks to a clever design of the stable and innovative solutions you will save time and you will be able to optimally take care of the calves. For that reason, we have many loyal customers: they see our calf stable equipment as a success factor.

High quality

All our products are high-quality. They are extremely solid and have a long life span. We set the bar high. For example, standard stainless steel is not good enough for us: we treat all stainless steel parts with a special protecting coating. The materials and constructions we use guarantee a long life span.

Great attention for animal welfare

If your animals are doing well, you and your business are doing well. For that reason we strive for maximal comfort for your calves. The result: numerous small and big innovations. From pioneering solutions like rubber floors or manure scrapers to a simple finish of the stall equipment that prevents the calf from injuring itself.

Custom-made solutions

We realize custom-made stable equipment. We advise you, we design the stable, we produce all parts and we assemble the equipment. Moreover, we can also provide a total solution package.


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